Why does my product look/seem different than last time?

Why does my product look/seem different than last time?
March 27, 2020 Serg Zhitar

When dealing with botanical extracts there will be variance between the plants and therefore the final extract. This is why analysis and testing is so important.

However even if you are dealing with a highly refined ≥99% pure raw material is it still possible for there to be differences in color, texture, odor, taste and even biochemical and pharmacokinetic properties between batches. This can be explained by differences in polymorphy i.e. the crystal structure of a substance. For example, sand and glass are made of the same molecule (SiO2), but have very different properties.

Several factors influence polymorphy, including the rate of change of temperature, pressure and reactants during synthesis. The study of polymorphy is a critical discipline in its own right, integral to the application of chemistry, including materials science and medicine.

So, if you notice a slight difference between batches of products, it’s normal and nothing to worry about.