What is the recommended dosage for CBD?

What is the recommended dosage for CBD?
March 27, 2020 Serg Zhitar

Clinically CBD, in the form of the drug Epidiolex, is prescribed by doctors in a wide range of dosages according to clinical observation, In adults dosages range from 5-20mg/kg of body weight, meaning a dose of 1500mg/day on the higher end: https://reference.medscape.com/drug/epidiolex-cannabidiol-1000225

In practice, as a dietary supplement, we recommend doses significantly under what is prescribed for clinical indications. That said, the doses we suggest are not determined scientifically or validated by clinical data and since the effects of CBD will vary between individuals according to differences in biochemistry and physiological characteristics such as age and weight, it’s difficult to recommend a universal dosage that will work for everyone. As a starting point we’ve included the chart below with general dosage guidelines organized by body weight and desired effect. We recommend experimenting with your dosage to find what works best for you, always progressing from lower to higher doses. Click here to learn more about CBD dosing. (link for pasting: https://www.medscape.org/viewarticle/905695)

Body weight/desired effect   85-140 lbs 140-200lbs 200+lbs
Mild effect 10-15mg 20-25mg 20-35mg
Moderate effect 15-20mg 20-30mg 30-45mg
Strong effect 20-25+mg 25-35+mg 40-60+mg

These doses may be taken 1-3 times daily depending on your symptoms and relief requirements. Please note our products vary by concentration – consult your product literature and label for the concentration (mg per serving) of your particular product.